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    Unable to Register for Class

    Madison Francis

      Hello, so I accidentally registered into the Chem-1111-001 Spring Section with instructor Adrien Weber, when I meant to register in Chem-1112-001 Summer Section with the same instructor.


      Now, when I try to register for the class I'm supposed to be in an error message appears stating "You already registered for a different class section within this course."


      Is there anyway for me to unregister from the class I'm accidentally registered in (which, it doesn't even let me go into this class, an error message pops up saying "Your status in Class CHEM 1111 - 001 - A. Weber - Spring 2018 is currently inactive - class isn't accessible to you."), and fix the issue so I'm in the correct class??


      Assistance as soon as possible would be wonderful. Thank you,

      Madison Francis