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    Can't access online learning for AWS Solutions Architect or AWS Advanced Networking

    Jeff Milne



      I have successfully signed up to use the online practice tests for "AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Official Study Guide: Associate Exam" about a month ago.  Now I'm trying to add 2 additional products to what I've already registered for, but the web site won't allow me to add new products so that I can access the extra materials and take the practice tests for those subjects.


      Can you (someone in support) please help me register the 2 new study guides so I can use the extra learning materials?


      Here is the process I used to try to gain access to the materials for the 2 new study guides I purchased:

      1. I used this link to get an access code because my new study books didn't have a code included in them ("If your product didn’t include a code, get your access code here").  But, I never received the email confirmation with a code.
      2. Repeating the process is blocked by the web site. The message is: "Oops! Our records indicate that you already registered this product.".  Then, in the message, I'm told to go to Dummies support instead of Sybex support (https://hub.wiley.com/community/support/dummies.).
      3. So now, I had to create a separate, new account to interact with Sybex/Wiley support because the one I use to access the extra material isn't accepted by the Wiley support web site.





      By the way - this is a very obtuse process for registering new study guides because you assume the books come with codes that can expedite the registration process. But, none of the 4 (new) books so far have come with a code in them, so we have to stumble upon the link above, verify possession of the book, in order to get a code emailed, so we can complete the registration process for access to extra content.


      Message was edited by: Jeff Milne I just got the registration email.  It took over an hour, but it did arrive.  That doesn't negate the issues I brought up about the confusing and needlessly convoluted registration process. Jeff