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    How to publish translated version of books


      Hi. It's very honor for me to send you a message.

      Let me introduce myself first, please.

      My name is Hyun Goo from Korea. I am working as a web developer for a storage company. But I want some more. And I love WEBs. Even I don't play any games but go to codepen.io to play with the beautiful codes.

        Okay, I was talking so much. Now, I will tell you what I am thinking now. I love your book. And I ordered HTML5 and CSS3 All in one for dummies. Since I was living in Germany, I saw so many of them and loved to read them. However, there's no Korean version none of them.

        Now you may know what I am thinking to do.

      I hope to publish the Korean version of all the Dummies series about WEB. But I thought I had to ask you first. Because you are the author.

      For me, this is a serious decision. I want some more. And this is the key now. Also, when this goes well and when I get the opportunity to translate and publish others in Korean also, I finally can go to live my life with a girl I truly love.

      Hope to get any message here in Korea.

      Mucho gracias and 감사합니다.