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    Sundus Kashif


      i apologize because this is not an answer to your question, but i would appreciate it if you could help me out. i am having a hard time figuring out where the live chat button is on this page:
      Customer Support: WileyPLUS

      if you could be so kind as to attach a screenshot of the live chat button, so that i can see what it actually looks like and know what i have to look for. the attached picture is what i can see.wiley live chat empty.PNG

      thank you

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          Tom with Wiley



          I'm sorry you were having trouble accessing our LIVE CHAT, please refresh your browser window--if this doesn't correct the issue, open up a Private Browsing window and access the site again.  You should be seeing this:




          Also, what do you need assistance with?  Perhaps I can be of some help.




          Tom with Wiley

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              Michael Lewis

              I'm not having trouble with Live Chat. I want to know whether Excel 2016

              for Dummies includes instruction on how to use the iPad app, if that app's

              function differs significantly from the desktop version. The person on live

              chat didn't know the answer and could only refer me to the table of

              contents of the book (which doesn't give the answer) and back to the

              customer support page.


              Thanks for any help.



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                Jeff Weisenfluh

                So when you open the private browser and attempt to send an email to customer support outlining the issues guess what occurs?  The email will not send due to no HTTP verification.  Private browsing blocks the ability to verify HTTP address therefore it is impossible to send you an email regarding issues encountered.  You can't open the page unless you are in a private browsing window and being in a private browsing window does not allow you to contact customer service.  If you have the ability to look up my information based on my username please email me directly at my personal email.  I have almost given up contacting your customer service due to it being impossible.