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    Linux+ practice questions

    Joseph Barker

      I bought this book in June 2017.  I tried to setup the online questions, but no one got back to me.  In october, I was not happy and had an online conversation with customer service.  Customer service said I would have access to the material for at least a year from October.  I was side tracked with some other things going on in my life.  I just decided to start studying again today, and now I do not have access to the material again!  I emailed myself the conversation form october, as I did not trust the level of service I was being provided with.  Since I was lied to I will have the time I have access to the testing material started over.  I understand it is not the fault of the person who is helping me, but this is a problem.  I should not have to troubleshoot what is going wrong everytime I use this material to study for my exam.  I will wait 1 hour for a response, then I will start flooding emails and calls to you.




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      Wiley Customer Services <wileycustomerservices@wiley.com>





      Mon 10/9/2017, 3:58 PM









      ( 9s ) Wiley Customer Service: Thank you for contacting Wiley. Would you please provide a description of the issue that you are currently having?
      ( 1m 8s ) Joseph B: i purchased linux+ practice tests in juneand still cant get into the online interactive learning.
      ( 1m 21s ) Wiley Customer Service: I will be more than happy to assist you with that, but first may I please have the name of the school (including campus) you are attending or the name of the company that you work for?
      ( 1m 30s ) Joseph B: at first all th links did not work
      ( 1m 40s ) Joseph B: now my pin doesnt work
      ( 1m 50s ) Wiley Customer Service: Thank you for that information.
      ( 1m 57s ) Joseph B: i bought the book
      ( 2m 1s ) Wiley Customer Service: Can you kindly provide me with your order number?
      ( 2m 17s ) Joseph B: my company has nothing to do with this
      ( 2m 37s ) Joseph B: I bought it off of amazon
      ( 3m 17s ) Wiley Customer Service: Thank you for that information.
      ( 3m 36s ) Wiley Customer Service: Kindly allow me a moment while I transfer you to another department that can assist you.

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      Agent Wiley Customer Support

      ( 3m 53s ) Wiley Customer Service: Thank you for contacting Wiley. Would you please provide a description of the issue that you are currently having?
      ( 4m 43s ) Joseph B: bought linux+ practice tests off of amazon in june and can not access the interactive online learning
      ( 4m 54s ) Joseph B: first the links did not work
      ( 5m 3s ) Joseph B: now the pin is not working
      ( 5m 26s ) Joseph B: it will be fixed today or send me a box to return the book for a full refund
      ( 5m 29s ) Wiley Customer Service: I do apologize for the inconvenience caused, but sure, I'd be more than happy to assist you with this.
      ( 5m 43s ) Joseph B: its not our fault, but it is very frustrating
      ( 5m 58s ) Joseph B: ORDER # 113-5753162-9273030
      ( 6m 12s ) Joseph B: that is the order number from amazon
      ( 6m 17s ) Wiley Customer Service: Okay, Can I please have the ISBN number of your book, full name, email address and access code?
      ( 6m 46s ) Joseph B: 978-1-119-37269-1
      ( 7m 48s ) Wiley Customer Service: Your full name, email address and access code please?
      ( 8m 1s ) Joseph B: access code for what?
      ( 8m 26s ) Wiley Customer Service: The PIN you used?
      ( 8m 33s ) Wiley Customer Service: .*
      ( 9m 21s ) Joseph B: joseph barker joseph_barker@hotmail.com 2311631216
      ( 10m 17s ) Wiley Customer Service: Thank you.
      ( 10m 35s ) Joseph B: that is the pin copied and pasted from the email sent june 10th
      ( 10m 39s ) Joseph B: your welcome
      ( 10m 57s ) Wiley Customer Service: Okay. Kindly allow me one moment to look into this for you.
      ( 11m 2s ) Joseph B: ok
      ( 11m 55s ) Joseph B: it is telling me my access code is invalid
      ( 12m 20s ) Wiley Customer Service: Okay, please allow me to work on this for you.
      ( 12m 26s ) Joseph B: Thank you
      ( 12m 29s ) Wiley Customer Service: Sure.
      ( 12m 37s ) Joseph B: I will return in a moment
      ( 13m 14s ) Wiley Customer Service: Okay.
      ( 18m 21s ) Wiley Customer Service: Okay Joseph, Can you please log in here:


      ( 18m 48s ) Wiley Customer Service: Select enter on the book and access your Online resources.
      ( 19m 26s ) Joseph B: i will try
      ( 19m 36s ) Wiley Customer Service: Sure, take your time.
      ( 20m 47s ) Joseph B: I am now on the create your account page, but do not have a valid pin
      ( 21m 1s ) Wiley Customer Service: Please just login with your email using wiley 123 as your password.
      ( 21m 15s ) Wiley Customer Service: wiley123
      ( 22m 3s ) Joseph B: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ( 22m 33s ) Joseph B: Is my time going to start from today for my access to the practice test information?
      ( 22m 42s ) Wiley Customer Service: That is correct.
      ( 22m 51s ) Wiley Customer Service: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
      ( 23m 26s ) Joseph B: No that is it. YOU ARE A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ( 23m 28s ) Joseph B: thank you
      ( 24m 1s ) Wiley Customer Service: Thank you for contacting Wiley Customer Support! We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy working with us. Should you need assistance in the future, we are available online 24/7 at http://support.wiley.com Have a great day!