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    "The registration code you entered has already been used." Help

    Aaron Brickner

      I just bought my Calculus textbook and WileyPLUS access code from my school bookstore. It was new, with the wrapper still around the book and the pull tab still over the access code. However, I just opened it and tried to put in the access code, and I received the message that the registration code had already been used. I looked through technical support and saw the two forums listed below, and I definitely did the things listed in the first forum. I bought it through my school bookstore and not Amazon, it was new, I haven't shared it with any other student, and it is for the correct class. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially since I can't do my homework until it is fixed! Thank you very much!


      "The Registration Code You Entered Has Already Been Used" Error Message in WileyPLUS

      Invalid Registration Code Error Message

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Aaron,


          Thank you for your post!


          If the registration code you are referring to ends with 'W3', then this code has already been applied to your Hughes-Hallett, Applied Calculus, 5e Canvas integrated class section. To access the course, you'll need to first log into Canvas and click on the instructor-provided links in the Assignments section. This will open WileyPLUS and automatically log you in, and you should not be prompted for a code. If you are still being asked for a code, please register for the grace period and let me know.


          I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!


          - Chrys