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    Clear cashe not working

    Juliana manis

      Hi, I used a access code through my teacher's blackboard account. every time I try to go to my assignments it says "oh no there's a problem here and asks me to clear my cashe. I have cleared my cashe multiple times and it is still not allowing me to access my assignments. Please help.

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          Tom with Wiley

          I'm sorry to hear about that, Juliana.  I'd be happy to help you.


          You are only asked to clear your cache and cookies when WileyPLUS believes you to be logged in on two different sessions (ie: Browser Windows or Tabs).


          So, ensure that WileyPLUS is only opened in one browser window or tab at a time, and this should correct the issue.  That being said, if doesn't -- then try logging into your course through a private browsing window.


          Thanks for reaching out!




          Tom with Wiley