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    Errata for Schmuller Statistical Analysis for Dummies (ISBN 978-1-119-33706-5)

    Jon Hitchcock

      I followed the Errata Form link from Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies:Book Information and Code Download - For Dummies but was not sure what to do, so I am starting this discussion.

      I believe I have found two things that are wrong:

      At the top of page 115 it seems to be necessary to add "Cars93$" before "Origin" and before "Cylinders".  Alternatively "with(Cars93, ...)" could be used.

      On page 147, a minus sign is needed before the opening bracket in the definition of the normal distribution.  It could go before the square bracket or before the round bracket (i.e. before the left parenthesis).

      Thanks, Jon Hitchcock

      By the way, I think the book has a good balance between statistical theory and the practical use of R.