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    Technical Math for Dummies corrections

    Malcolm Campbell

      Recently became interested in maths again and wanted to try some basic trigonometry.


      Working through the example: Locating a Wildfire starting on page 255 I found the calculations in part 4 to be different for what I expected.


      I calculated sin B = 0.9659... and sin C = 0.42262... not 0.26237 or 0.13235 as given in book.


      The final answer I calculated was 45.71 miles, quite different for the books answer of 39.6479 miles.


      This has knocked my confidence in the book a little as it was only the second example from the book that I tried.


      I know wonder if corrections to the book are held anywhere on-line that I can reference in case I come across other calculations that may differ from mine and therefore have a place to discover if other people have solved issue before me that would save me from being puzzled for to long.


      Thanks, Malcolm.,