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    Assignments Not Appearing

    Alex Fox

      I'm in a course using Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 6th Edition.


      The course has us access WileyPlus through Blackboard, but when I access it the assignments list is empty. I have full access to the e-textbook and Orion learning assignments however.


      I did take a course last semester that used the same book with WileyPlus. That could potentially be an issue if I still have access to that course over the one I need to be in now.

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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Alex,


          If you are accessing your new course through Blackboard, the content links for WileyPLUS should take you to the corresponding content.  IE: If the instructor provided a link to an assignment, it should the open the assignment (through Blackboard), not by logging in directly at wileyplus.com.


          If these links aren't working, then your instructor will need to investigate the Blackboard links to ensure they are set up properly.


          Thanks for reaching out!




          Tom with Wiley