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    The Web Application Hacker's Handbook falsely advertised as drm free but isn't




      I bought The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Finding and Exploiting Security Flaws, 2nd Edition - Wrox On that page, if you click the Important E-book Information link, it says 'Wrox e-books purchased from Wrox.com include 3 formats: PDF, ePub, and "Kindle" (supplied as a .PRC file). After purchasing, your e-book download will consist of a ZIP file containing all 3 formats.' and then further down 'Wrox e-books purchased from Wrox.com are not protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM). They are "DRM-Free."'. However, once I purchased it, it seems to only be a drm protected Adobe format:

      • In my Wrox account, when I click Downloads, and then the zip link, there are only instructions for downloading a ACSM file.
      • In the email I was sent, it only talks about a VitalSource Bookshelf download.


      What's going on with the false advertising?