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    Registration error: wrong email

    Laurie-Anne Palin

      Good morning,



      I have been using Wiley plus and ORION for the past few weeks, and I am registered for 2 classes: MGCR 222: Uhl-Bien, Organizational Behavior, 13e, Jaeger - Section 006 and MGCR 211: Kimmel, Financial Accounting, Seventh Canadian Edition, Section 002-004-007 - Cecere - Fall '17.

      I have been submitting my ORION assignments for MGCR 222 as my professor has required on the set due date. However, he hasn't been receiving any of these assignments. And I think this is because of a mistake on my part.

      When I first registered for the class, I used the email laurie-anne.palin@mail.mcgill.com, when it really shouldn't have been a ".com", but rather a ".ca" at the end. So now I am registered for the class under laurie-anne.palin@mail.mcgill.com. Would it be possible to transfer all my assignments and progress from this account to the other, laurie-anne.palin@mail.mcgill.ca?

      I have attached the information appearing on my 2 profiles, you will notice that the only difference is the ".com" and ".ca" on the email address.wiley 1.tiffwiley 2.tiff

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          Tom with Wiley

          Registering a second time, instead of changing the email address on the account, would have put you in the course a second time.  Your instructor should have you listed in the Gradebook twice and should be able to see that points are distributed across the two of them. 


          He or she can then manually adjust the proper one, and you should be good to go.  Please, reach out to your instructor to inform him or her.




          Tom with Wiley