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    No 'register now' button for grace period?

    Jessy Sidhu

      I am using the 14 day grace period for WileyPlus to complete assignments for my chemistry course, and I recently bought the wileyplus registration code from my university bookstore. However, when I log in to wileyplus there is no 'register now' button for me to click in the top right hand corner of my screen. When I click 'my Wileyplus' there is no prompt for me to put in my code. It doesn't tell me how many days are left in my grace period or give me any indication of when my account will expire. I am scared because I have already done some assignments for my chemistry course and I don't want all my work to be lost if Wileyplus suddenly expires on me and I never figured out how to enter in my code.

      Please help me register!

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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Jessy,


          Thank you for reaching out!  I'm happy to help you register. 


          If you are logging in at www.wileyplus.com, once in your course the register now button is in the top right.  IF you are using your school's LMS integration (Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc.), the link should be in the top-right corner above the page content.


          If it doesn't show up, you are still fine--upon the Grace Period ending, you will be prompted to register again.  So long as you are still in the class (registered or not) your grades remain in the Gradebook.






          Tom with Wiley