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    Problem with inserting answers

    Rose Sanders

      I have an assignment that I was working on and it's due Saturday. It's all complete on paper, but it's a matter of getting the answers uploaded onto the computer. There are some questions that use an inserted program that includes math-specific buttons, and I need to type my answer in there. I go to type the answer and it doesn't work. Why? (In the image, I want to write my answer in the gray area in the orange box, but it won't let me type. I looked to see whether there were buttons along the top where you had to select and insert numbers through the program, but there isn't.) If anyone has an answer on how to solve this issue (not the math question itself), it would be greatly appreciated!


        • Re: Problem with inserting answers
          Chrys C.

          Hello Rose,


          Thank you for your post! I'm sorry for any inconvenience.


          Here's a few suggestions which might help resolve the issue:


          1. Clear cache and cookies: www.goo.gl/4ZrZFX


          2. Enable private browsing mode: www.goo.gl/jjYvPw


          3. Try with a different browser:

          Download Mozilla Firefox: www.goo.gl/7ICv2

          Download Google Chrome: www.goo.gl/6r1gxv


          4. Review this document and see if it's a matter of how you're entering your response: Symbolic Notation Entry for Math and Physics


          Please let me know if you still have issues after trying these suggestions. Have a nice evening!


          - Chrys