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    Electronics all in one for dummies errors?

    Abe Philip

      Hi Everyone!

                        In the For Dummies book: Electronics All-in-One for Dummies, I think there are a couple of errors at least. I would like to say I have no knowledge about electronics, and I am just starting to try to learn but in the "Assembling the coin toss circuit on a solderless breadboard, there seems to be some kind of mess up. For examples, the breadboard slots J14 and B15 are repeatedly mentioned as places where components are to be inserted. Also, in one place the text says the LED's are placed in one way (the red LED's anode and green LED's cathode are inserted into row 19 of the breadboard), while in the troubleshooting section of the same circuit, it says both the anodes of LED's go into row 19. I am completely confused and needless to say, the circuit does not work for me. Could someone kindly look at the coin toss circuit and correct the text please?