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Fernando Frio Jr
I've  decided to do my Math A1.1 Homework given to us by our Prof. It is timed by 120 mins, but as I answer it halfway through, an error occured. It said that there is  a warning of 5 mins remaining… (Show more)
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Vivek Oswal
Hi,   Kindly provide me a link to download the Tracks on the Audio CD that came with “Piano Exercises for Dummies”. My CD was corrupted and i never backed up my CD. Any help will be greatly… (Show more)
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maria lara
Hi I was advised that my 372 accounting course would have an extended grace period but I can no longer see the textbook. Was wondering if this was still true for instructor Mohammad Bazaz .  … (Show more)
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Jana Ryals
I have a Leadership Challenge session beginning on November 5. I created the folder and enrolled participants in the LPI section last week; however, a pre-work folder has not yet been created. Is… (Show more)
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Michael Cole
Hello,      I am a student at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. I am required to get the WileyPlus membership for my Physics class (Halliday, Physics, 10e, Fall 2019, Shen PHYS 2110 001… (Show more)
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Jose Goncalves
I just received the email with access code to register on the companion website but when I try to use de code give me invalid code   I already register using the free option without the access code… (Show more)
Kerstin Schander
1393069 My new address Kerstin Schander Eklandagatan 12 S-412 55 Gothenburg Sweden
Sandra Rodriguez
I understand the X-BASS is moving to an online, web-based platform. Is that available for purchase now? If so, how do I go about ordering it?
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Nancy Nishimura
There is a note in Chapter 3 on page 3-12 regarding Best Buy.  Inside the information is a comment that one should "(Go to WileyPLUS for this answer and additional questions.)"  How do you do that? … (Show more)
Question:  What do I do if I find a question or content error for Wiley Efficient Learning?   Answer:  Please follow the steps below in order to report a question or content error for Wiley…
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