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    Instant Access code

    Rienne A

      On the Wiley site, it says I can purchase a "wileyplus instant access ONLY" and says it includes online version of the book.

      So does this mean I can buy a used textbook and just go on this site to purchase the online access code for $75.50?

      Does the "instant access only" mean it gives me the access code AND the etext version of the book?


      I thought there was another separate deal for etext?

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          Tom with Wiley

          That's an excellent question, Rienne!


          The "Instant Access Only" feature includes an online only, built directly into WileyPLUS, version of the textbook in "Read, Study & Practice."  Purchasing it with the eText version will include a separate, downloadable eBook that you can open on your computer, or mobile device.


          These options were both presented at wileyplus.com when you registered for the class.


          Tom with Wiley

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              Evie Li

              Hi Tom,


              I have the WileyPlus account, and I was registering the course and buying the bundle of "online version + downloadable etext" on the website. However, when I tried to check out, I couldn't login with my WileyPlus account, as it gave me error message of "this email is not exist". Does this mean that I have to create another account to buy the etext? If I create the account using the same email with my WileyPlus account, will I still be registered to the course under my own WileyPlus account?


              Thanks in advance for any help!

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                Faith Macharia

                I purchased the textbook and I have the Wiley Access code but my professor has not registered my course. Is there anyway I can use the Wiley Plus for my personal studying without having to go through a registered course?

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                aki dee

                Hello, I failed my class in math last semester. I just checked my wiley and it is now expired. Do I need to buy a new code??? SAD