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    QuarkXpress for Dummies 1st Edition (Computer/Tech)

    C Barrow

      I am inquiring about the QuarkXpress for Dummies 1st Edition by Jay Nelson.  Does the "QuarkXpress for Dummies" by Jay Nelson alleviate frustration and share how to print large documents from QuarkXpress to a printer (i.e., eg Okidata c931e printer)?  Will there be detailed instruction for printing magazines and other large documents and how the large documents should be set up for a visual pallet layout and for printing a magazine on "Tabloid" (11"x17") size paper front and back.  Is there a reference to college campuses  (credit and/or non-credit) and in class and/or on-line through the colleges willing to share instruction which is not quickly available through QuarkXpress in the first 60 days of purchase because it takes an act of congress just to sign up for support.  I've signed up for the book but if it is anything like the QuarkXpress 2015 user manual and doesn't share how to print on large (11"x17") sheets of paper front and back I can not use the book by Jay Nelson.  I know some QuarkXpress Users that would appreciate a technical step by step on how to access "system administrator" to make changes necessary changes to use Utilities "XTension Manager" or preferences to create a multi purpose pallet for a project.  Please let me know if the information will be available or at least some clue.  Thank you,  2Talkquark