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    Unable to click link in Assessment Request

    Michael Parker

      I received a link to complete a 360 Feedback evaluation for a co-worker and the link provided turns up a 404 File Not Found error.

      Please advise.


      Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment - Reminder to Completed Task

      This is a reminder regarding an earlier request for you
      to submit an evaluation for "". Please log on at your earliest
      convenience to complete the task(s) assigned to you.


      To begin, click the link below, and then register:

      <---- Link in question is located here--->

      Please do not forward this link, as it contains
      information specific to you.



      After registering, please click on "Start
      Assessment" under the Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment heading to
      complete the assessment.




      Are responses anonymous?


      Observer responses are grouped with other Observers who
      have similar relationships with this Participant (e.g., other direct reports or
      co-workers). You will not be identified. If you are a single Manager of this
      Participant, your responses will not be grouped with any others; they will be
      shown verbatim and  you will be



      contact your Administrator: Rachel Tomasik.


      Technical issues?

      contact tech support at https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.lpionline.com_help&d=CwICaQ&c=Rm3hRyxmymJgpBTCyRDm7Q&r=Fbq6nbYbHMikW81gkmMSaw9ASmNYlgX1kU7XhwcIH0Y&m=VcWT7lm7FdExqArvg8fKIY3Y2GAkKGcXsJpv22LYGNc&s=-fLrB4KVgJQgIyMoSHNntqNR1thskVZPc0Pmzx30QHs&e=





      Please do not reply to this email.  It is an automated mailbox.