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    I received the incorrect ebook

    Jacob Smith

      I just purchased the ebook Professional Wordpress: Design and Development. The product page (Professional WordPress: Design and Development, 3rd Edition - Wrox ) clearly says "Wrox e-books purchased from Wrox.com include 3 formats: PDF, ePub, and "Kindle" (supplied as a .PRC file). After purchasing, your e-book download will consist of a ZIP file containing all 3 formats" and "Wrox Kindle .PRC e-book files purchased from Wrox.com can be viewed on the family of Kindle devices and Kindle applications for many computing platforms". However, instead I received a redemption code for vitalsource.com. I followed the instructions, but the book is in a proprietary, DRMed format! I need a refund, I can't read this book on my Kindle, and have no desire for a DRM format book.


      EDIT: Nevermind, I do actually have access to the DRM-free formats in my "My Account" page on wrox.com, I just didn't receive the correct email instructions to access them.


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