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    Can't log-in with purchased access code

    Monica Anderson

      I'm enrolled in course 514441,


      111/112, 123, 150



      Section: Span111/Centis/81475/9:45AM/suA16


      Term: summer 2016


      Instructor(s): Tamara Centis, UTK SPANISH ADMIN


      Email(s): tcentis@utk.edu, spanish@utk.edu



      I purchased the book for this course earlier in May. I went to log-in today and it says my access code is invalid. Can you please help me? Classes started today.


      Thank you,

      Monica Anderson


        • Re: Can't log-in with purchased access code
          Chrys C.

          Hello Monica,


          Thank you for contacting us!


          If your WileyPLUS code is not working, please contact our live chat, or email us at wileysupport@wiley.com, and provide us with the code you're using.


          WileyPLUS codes are provided on either a purple scratch-off card inside of a green/white/purple envelope, or the code is on a blue & white card with a pull-tab. If your book came with a white 4x4 card, that code is for the student companion site for the book on www.wiley.com.


          Please let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!


          Best Regards,