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    Taylor Kittle

      I have used wileyplus for a class last semester and now I need to use it for a class over the summer. How do I do this?

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Taylor,


          Thank you for contacting us and for the opportunity to assist you!


          WileyPLUS codes are not time-sensitive and are not adjusted for semester-based access. They're specific to the course textbook. When you apply a registration code to a specific textbook, you will have indefinite access to any classes within that course. Once your instructor has marked your previous class section as finished, you are then able to sign into any other class section within the course.


          If your instructor has not marked your class section as finished, you will need to be manually moved. Doing so, however, results in the loss of any progress in the unfinished class section. If you need manually moved and you no longer need the grades in your current class, please contact our support team via live chat to request a class section change. Please have the WileyPLUS course ID for the new class ready when you contact live chat.


          Please let me know if this helps, or if you have any questions. Have a great day!


          Best Regards,