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    My Quiz has not saved the answers and the quiz seemed structured differently not showing wrong or right amswers

    Fortunate Hove

      Professional Cooking  Chapter 22: Help me with an explanation as to why my very last quiz on Wiley Plus seemed structured differently in that it would save my answers without showing whether I had answered correctly or not. I took delight in realizing that it was indicating that my answers were being saved but still why was the structure different. I could not get the usual green box  for a correct answer or red one for a wrong answer. When I finished, I checked the score and the answer was zero (0). This cannot be because I knew most of the answers. What has changed in the structure of the quiz? I am a junior at Riverside Culinary Arts Academy and this is my last assignment. My telephone number is 818 367 1697 and my name is Fortunate Hove.