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    Invalid Course Code ?

    Ansh Panihar


      I was already registered in a class earlier this week. When I came back to log in, I found that I was no longer registered in any class AND I wasn't able to find my course whatsoever. Everytime I entered the course code, provided by the instructor, the page would redirect to an "Invalid Error" page. I tried re-clicking the link provided by the instructor as well and I reached the same dead end. When I try to check back to my previous courses, nothing shows up on my account.


      The course code is 701399.


      Is there any way to resolve this?

        • Re: Invalid Course Code ?
          Chrys C.

          Hello Ansh,


          Thank you for your post. I am sorry for any inconvenience!


          The issue appears to be resolved. If you are still having difficulties, try this direct URL: www.wileyplus.com/class/701399


          Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!