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    Sybex CySA+ bonus study material

    Dave Adams

      I bought the Mike Chapple / David Seidl book CSA+ Study Guide from Amazon. The book mentions bonus study material by going to "www.wiley.com/go/sybextestprep"

      I am having difficulties and would appreciate some help. So the question is:

      "How do I access the bonus study material for the Sybex CySA+ Study Guide?


      I type in this:



      which takes me to this:



      I'm not trying to purchase a test bank, so I click on this:

      "Click here if you are seeking information on how to access a glossary or other bonus content"


      Which opens up this page:



      And says:

      For tests that are on sybextestbanks.wiley.com, please navigate to the Other Study Tools tab to find links to the Glossary, Promotions, and Bonus Content. For tests that are on testbanks.wiley.com, please use the following steps.


      1    Login or if you have yet to create an account, redeem your access code to add a book to the My Products page.

      2    Click Enter to select a book.

      3    On the Course Dashboard page, choose "Create a Flashcard Set" or "Create a Quiz." (NOTE: You must create a flashcard set or quiz before the next step.)

      4    Click the "i" (Information) icon. Shown in the image below and location indicated by the red arrow. The Instructions page opens. You?ll see the "Additional Resources" section that describes the content that is available for download, such as Searchable Glossary. A URL is provided.

      5    Follow the instructions to download the content.


      The very first step is confusing. "Login". There isn't a login button on the page. "create an account". Where? There is not place on the page to create an account. "redeem your access code to add a book to the My Products page". I know nothing about an "access code". I did create an account on hub.wiley.com but it seems to be totally separate.


      I am finding Wiley's website to be extremely convoluted.