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    I bought my textbook, where is my registration code

    Kathryn Lynn

      I purchased my Textbook but I still don't have access to my professor's homework. What do I do and how do I get access. I am talking to customer service right now and they are telling me the only difference between my subscription and my friend's is that she gets to keep the textbook after the 6 months. I have received a 4 digit code but it won't let me type it in.

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          Tom with Wiley

          Hello Kathryn,


          I'm sorry for the frustration you may have had trying to purchase registration for your course--I was able to review your chat transcript with Customer Care. If you purchased the wrong item directly from Wiley, we would be happy to exchange/refund and place a new order for the proper product.


          If you purchased your access to your eBook from the school's bookstore, you'll have to discuss refund options with them.


          Thanks for reaching out!




          Tom with Wiley