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    How do I find my assignments for my class?

    Danielle Johnson

      I'm trying to finish my home work assignment and quiz for my accounting class and can't seem to find it on Wiley. It sends me straight to the home page when i click the link but doesnt send me to the assignments themselves.

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          Tom with Wiley

          That's an excellent question, Danielle!


          Your course is integrated with your school's Canvas--so you can only click on the WileyPLUS links provided to you in the modules or assignments area. These are provided by the instructor.


          If the course is deep-linked, then you'll find direct links to your individual assignments in Modules. If it is not, you'll find either a WileyPLUS Homepage link or a WileyPLUS Assignments link.


          The assignments will take you to them, whereas the Homepage will allow you more of a free access--in which case, you click on the Assignment tab.


          If you have neither--reach out to your instructor who can provide the links for you.


          Thanks for reaching out!




          Tom with Wiley