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    Classical Guitar for Dummies Book but no CD. Where can I access these tracks?

    Liam Campbell

      A similar question was asked by user Louis Yang on Sep 25, 2017 , (I have classical guitar for dummies but no cd.  How do I purchase CD only? )


      The answer, given by user Tom With Wiley,

      That's an excellent question, Louis!


      You can download the files for free, here:


      Guitar All-In-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition Resource Center - dummies


      They are included in the "Guitar All-in-One" title as well.




      Tom with Wiley


      is unhelpful as the tracks listed in the linked resource center do not match up to the tracks referred to in the Classical Guitar for Dummies book. The "VI Book" in the Guitar All-in-One book is not the same book as Classical Guitar for Dummies and they do not seem to share the same exercises or accompanying tracks.


      Can someone please link me to where I may purchase the Classical Guitar for Dummies audio CD or where I can find the correct tracks from that CD?