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    WileyPLUS access - official receipt?

    Andrea Chan

      I purchased a registration code to access WileyPLUS for my course. The purchase confirmation isn't detailed enough to count as a receipt for tax purposes. Where can I download an official receipt? Thanks.

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          Chrys C.

          Hello Andrea,


          Thank you for your post!


          The purchase confirmation which is emailed to you and contains your order confirmation number is the receipt we provide. If it is not sufficient enough, please come into our live chat with the details of what you need, and ask to speak with a Customer Care team member.


          Please let me know if you have any questions or issues. Have a great weekend!


          - Chrys

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              Andrea Chan

              Hi Chrys,


              Thanks for replying. I'll get in touch with a live chat representative as you suggested. However, you may wish to let your tech support know that the purchase confirmation emailed to me does not contain the title of the item I purchased. I wonder if this was an isolated glitch or if many customers are receiving purchase confirmations that don't name/identify what's been purchased (highlighted in yellow below). You can see how that makes it somewhat useless as a receipt.






              screenshot-mail.google.com 2017-06-25 21-11-00.png

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