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    Dummies Online Test Reset?

    Jaxsen Ball

      I recently bought the Dummies Core Praxis prep book. I was taking one of the tests when I realized I had been having some trouble with the testing interface, predominately the ability to scroll through some of the options on multiple choice questions (if it had more text than available in the window). Is there any way to fix this?


      Furthermore, is there any way to have one of your 5 free practice tests reset (or even a section of it)? The touchpad on my laptop wasn't responding properly and I accidentally opted to end the section (which submitted it) before I answered a single question (I was attempting to save and exit, as I had to pause the test). It reads that 33% of my questions are unanswered and 4/5 tests reamining; I can't go back in to finish it. Is customer service able to correct this issue?