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    Can't log into WileyPlus to access eLearning

    M Martin

      I have just purchased a $70 eLearning space text (Management Information Systems). I then tried to log into WileyPlus to redeem the code I had received via my email address. Tried logging on using my email address and password, wasn't working. So, I tried to change my password. Then, a red text came up saying that the same email address was incorrect or not on the system. The email address I had JUST USED and received the code through. I tried to log in again for another 20 minutes without any success.


      This is really frustrating and unprofessional, and it is making me reconsider having bought the eLearning version for $70 instead of paying $85 for the added offline eText. If I am having so much difficulty accessing the online version during the semester, this could have a serious impact on my study. I had (incorrectly) assumed that since I was paying $70 for an online resource, that it would be easily accessible at any time without any problems.


      I would like to know if I can just exchange the $70 eLearning text i just purchased, for the $85 version with the offline VitalSource eText, to avoid further potential disruptions to my study. I understand that it says I have to purchase the other digital text in order to get an exchange afterwards, but I can't afford to wait 2 weeks or more for the refund, and I also have other expensive books to purchase this week.


      I would really appreciate some kind of assistance with this as soon as possible.