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    Homework questions that are not discussed anywhere in this $248 book, but my grade depends on me answering them correctly.

    Jesse Chisholm

      Could someone explain how you can ask graded homework questions without having anything in the book that we can use to attempt to solve them? I am not a math major, if a homework question asks me to find a supply equation and gives me the demand equation and market price, there needs to be an example in the chapter showing me how to get a supply equation using the demand equation and market price. For $248 there shouldn't be any "trick" questions. I am learning this stuff, how about letting me practice the new information I'm learning and getting that down first, before trying to force me to guess what formulas will work to get the answer, that could negatively affect my grade. Your goal, there at Wiley, should be allowing students to effectively learn this information, not to frustrate them into quitting. The review questions, which is where most of the homework questions come from, the book is deficient in providing examples of how to perform those accurately. "Review questions" are supposed to be used to "review" information taught, how can I "review" information if it is not in the book?

      I won't be quitting, and I only got one question wrong and have one unsolved with 2 attempts to get it right, but I can guarantee there are many who wasted hundreds of dollars buying, and then opening your book, only to get frustrated and demoralized by it and then forced to withdraw from a class and attempt to sell their book back for a fraction of the price. For $248 and whatever it costs at whatever school a student is paying for, we should be able to look at a homework question or review question, and if we don't know how to do it, we should be able to open the book up to a page that shows us exactly how to do it. The "hint" button is absolutely no help either, I'm sure it's great for people who already mastered Finite Mathematics but most people using this book, like me, are just learning it and the "hints" do not help at all. I'm just lucky I decided to take the class in a classroom and not online, because there is no way I'd complete this online. Google has helped with some information but others, Google doesn't even understand what I'm trying to ask, probably because there isn't enough information in the book to show me how to ask for what i'm looking for accurately.

      Homework and review questions sole purpose is to prepare for a test, they are supposed to be used to practice using new math skills correctly and effectively. This is an impossible task when there is not enough information contained in this $248 required textbook. The test is where knowledge should be tested, not review questions or homework, those are where skills should be practiced and mastered.