WileyPLUS Tips:  Retaking a Class

Version 1

    If you are retaking a class, you may be wondering if you need to repurchase WileyPLUS for your course. Because you have already purchased WileyPLUS, you will not be charged again for the same content; however, there are three main reasons you still may have trouble accessing your new course:


    1. You try to login using a different email address. WileyPLUS recognizes your profile using your unique email address. If you try to login with a different email address, WileyPLUS will recognize you as a brand new student and prompt you for a registration course.

    2. Your previous WileyPLUS class section has not been finished. With your registration code, you have access to one WileyPLUS class section at a time. If your previous class section has not been finished, you will not be able to access your new section. If you can only login to your old semester’s course, please contact your professor or Tech Support, and they will be able to assist by either transferring you to the new section or by finishing the previous section so you can self-register for the new section.

    3. There is a new edition of your book. If your professor is using a new edition of the WileyPLUS course this term, you will be prompted for a registration code. Please contact Tech Support, and they should be able to assist you in accessing your course. Please note that Tech Support will ask for proof of purchase so please have a receipt on hand.