WileyPLUS Release Notes: 2019-October-9

Version 3

    If you have any questions about the latest release features, please contact your WileyPLUS Customer Success Specialist or send a message to customersuccess@wiley.com.

    Instructor features


    In this release on October 9,  Instructors can assign specific WileyPLUS Resources.  For our Standalone courses, instructors will see a new “Add Question Set” button while building assignments.  Instructors have an improved view of their students progress on assignments, and be able to set individual accommodations for Timed Assignments.




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    1. From any screen where the Rich Content Editor is found, Instructors can add specific WileyPLUS resources. Instructors can create Discussion, or custom questions for a grade, or place the Resource in a particular place within the Chapter Module.

    1. When building assignments, within Standalone WileyPLUS. Instructors will see a new button titled “Add Question Set”. This new feature is now the default option, and will improve how instructors build assignments moving forward.

    1. Instructors will have a new Student Progress option directly on the assignment. This is available in Standalone and Integrated courses. When instructors open the assignment they will see a tab for Student Progress, with every student that has submitted their assignment.
      1. For Timed Assignments, instructors will also see how much time students spent on the assignment, and on each question.
    2. When creating a Timed Assignment, instructors can now set Accommodations for individual students. Because you control these in the Assignment Policies tab, you can save the Accommodations for future Timed Assignments, by creating a new Global Policy.