WileyPLUS Release Notes: 2019-December-3rd

Version 4

    If you have any questions about the latest release features, please contact your WileyPLUS Customer Success Specialist or send a message to customersuccess@wiley.com.


    In this release on December 3rd, both instructors and students received improved dashboards for our standalone courses. Instructors had two additional features added to their Dashboard. The first is the ability to create new courses using the +Add Course button. The second is the ability to quickly access the gradebook for each course, using the Action dropdown.


    Students now have the ability to see how many questions they have attempted, and how many are remaining (i.e., 5/10) on their Upcoming Assignments. This will help students prioritize their time before accessing the assignment.





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    You can also check out the screenshots below!


    1. Instructors now have the ability to create new courses on their own. By clicking +Add Course, instructors can choose to build a new course, or copy an existing course. After filling in your course form, the course will be added to your WileyPLUS Dashboard. This process normally takes 3-5 minutes.

      Step 1a.png
      Step 1b.png
      Step 1c.png
      Step 1d.png

    2. Through the Action tab on each course, instructor’s can now quickly access their Gradebook. By clicking View Gradebook, you are taken directly into the gradebook of your course. This new feature allows instructors greater control when managing their course.

      Step 2a.png
      Step 2b.png

    3. Adding to the Students new Upcoming Assignment area, they can now see how many questions they have completed, and how many questions are remaining on every upcoming assignment. This new feature will help students to better prioritize when assignments need to be submitted, and see how many questions are remaining.

      Step 3.png