WileyPLUS Release Notes: 2018-December-21

Version 3

    If you have any questions about the latest release features, please contact your WileyPLUS Customer Success Specialist or send a message to customersuccess@wiley.com.

    Instructor features


    In this release on Dec 21st, instructors can create question pools to include in their assignments.  


    The release also includes bug fixes.


    The features found in WileyPLUS can be adjusted based on user feedback and testing, so please follow our release notes for our most up-to-date release information! 





    Want to explore the new release functionality further?




    You can also check out the screenshots below!

    1. Inside the assignment builder, instructors will click the new option button image 1.pngto start adding questions to pools.image 2.png
    2. Instructors can create a new pool, or add the question to another pool they created in the same session. Adding a question to a pool also automatically adds that pool to the assignment.
      image 3.png
    3. From within the Manage Question Pools tab instructors can:
      1. Copy, rename or delete question pools
      2. Remove individual questions from recently-created pools
      3. Search for previously-created question pools
      4. Add or remove question pools from the assignment
        image 4.png
    4. When ready to finalize the assignment, instructors can:
      1. Set the points/weight per each pool question
      2. Define how many questions to use from a pool
      3. Preview and/or remove questions from a pool
      4. Set specific policies per each question pool
        image 5.pngimage 6.png
    5. Before finalizing the assignment instructors can preview it as a student would see.image 7.pngimage 8.png