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    For Article Reprints

    A reprint is a printed version of your article ordered after publication has already occurred. Instructions on how to order reprints will also be sent to authors at the proofing stage, but if needed, please refer to the contact information below for author reprint requests:


    USA: chris.jones@sheridan.com


    UK, Europe, Asia and all other territories:

    C.O.S. Printers Pte Ltd.

    9 Kian Teck Crescent

    Singapore 628875

    Fax: +65 6265 9074




    For Commercial Reprints

    Wiley's commercial reprints department offers the highest quality reprints with a variety of customizations and delivery options available to commercial clients. Wiley reprints can be purchased as print or electronic reprints or as translated articles customized to your specific requirements and shrink wrapped. Each article reprint is available with full color replica covers of the journal in order to maximize the impact and highlight the prestige of the content. We can identify papers relating to your product from our journals, keep you informed of new papers, and provide you with pre-publication e-proofs to help you plan your campaign. Please contact your local representative for further information and to discuss your requirements or visit Wiley’s Permissions and Reprints page for more information:


    USA: corporatesalesusa@wiley.com

    UK & Europe: corporatesaleseurope@wiley.com

    Asia: corporatesalesasia@wiley.com

    Australia: corporatesalesaustralia@wiley.com