Unauthorized Error for new WileyPLUS

Version 2



    I am receiving the following error when I am trying to access my new WileyPLUS class:


    "Unauthorized: It appears that you don't have permission to access this page.  Please make sure you're authorized to view this content. If you think you should be able to view this page, please use the "Help" link to notify support of the problem."


    How do I resolve this issue?





    This error most commonly occurs when navigating directly to the class URL instead of registering for your class first.  Please sign in to the new WileyPLUS login page to see if the course shows on your account.  If the course does not show, then this is the cause of the error.  Please see the link below on how to register if you need it added to your account:


    Student Registration for new WileyPLUS


    If you do show as registered, then it is likely due to the link you clicked on not being available.   Please contact product technical support to if you need any assistance resolving this issue.