"The Registration Code You Entered Has Already Been Used" Error Message in WileyPLUS

Version 10



    When I enter my registration code in WileyPLUS I receive the following message:


    The registration code you entered has already been used.


    What can I do to resolve this issue?




    If you receive that message, then please make sure of the following:


    1. You did not purchase the WileyPLUS registration code from a non-licensed vendor such as eBay or Amazon.
    2. You are not sharing a WileyPLUS registration code with a fellow student.
    3. You are not using another WileyPLUS registration code from another textbook.


    If you can say yes to any of the three situations above, then you will need to purchase a new WileyPLUS registration code either at your bookstore or at your WileyPLUS class website.

    However, if you are retaking the course or your course is a two-semester course that is using the same textbook/same edition from last semester, and you are trying to register again using the same WileyPLUS access from last semester, then please make sure you are using the same email address and password as you should be able to log into your new class URL without having to register. Please click here to see the process on how to register for a class you are retaking.  This also applies if you are in the second term of a two-semester class.


    If you continue to have problems after checking these steps, then please contact Tech Support by click on the Ask A Question or Live Chat tab and we will look into your situation further.