"RecordMetricWithPropertiesWithGUID" Error in Wiley Efficient Learning

Version 1



    I am receiving the following error message when I try to submit a testlet of study questions:



    Error type: ajax error

    Description: /reset/RecordMetricWithPropertiesWithGUID error

    Recommendation: please try again later


    How can I resolve this issue?




    Please follow these steps in order to resolve your issue:


    1. Answer all of the questions in the testlet
    2. Submit the testlet (NOTE:  Repeat steps 1 & 2 if additional testlets load)
    3. Access the Metric Screen
    4. Archive all attempts for this item
    5. Clear your browser cache and close all browsers.  If you don't know how to clear your browser cache, then please click here for assistance.
    6. Log into Efficient Learning once again and launch your product you were having problems with
    7. Attempt the testlet again.


    If the issue persists after trying this, then please contact product technical support for further assistance.