LPI Online - What is an Email Alias?

Version 3



    What is an email alias and why would I need to use one?




    An email alias allows anyone registered in LPI Online (administrators, participants/leaders, observers) to combine multiple email addresses into one account.


    For example:


    An Observer may have a work email address that they have registered for LPI Online with (fake@wiley.com). They may also have a personal email address (fake@yahoo.com). Often times an observer will fill out multiple surveys for multiple participants/leaders. Some of those participants/leaders may have their work address, and some may have their personal address. If the alias field was not filled out it may lead to this observer registering multiple LPI accounts, one for each email address. However, if the observer had added their personal address as an alias to the work address which they used to register for LPI  any assessment created for either of these email addresses would automatically be added to the original account.  A given account can have up to 5 email aliases.


    To add an Alias:

    1. Log into LPI
    2. Click on Account Info
    3. Scroll down to the Email alias section
    4. Add each additional email address as an alias
    5. Click Next and then Confirm the change