LPI Online - Emails Not Being Received by Observers / Leaders

Version 6



    My Leaders and Observers are not receiving emails sent by LPI Online.  What could be the problem?




    A variety of issues can cause users to not receive their emails, please check the following:

    1. Confirm that the email addresses have been entered correctly
    2. Confirm that the Participant/Leader/Observer notification date has been reached
    3. Determine if the affected users are using a personal email address such as gmail, yahoo, msn, or if they are using a company address.


    If the affected users are using a person email address, then please have them add this address (notifications@lpionline.com) to their address book and then send them a reminder. They should now receive it.

    If the affected users are using a company email address, then please contact the IT department of the company, and have them "whitelist" these addresses. This will ensure that all LPI communication is delivered:






    Once these addresses have been whitelisted by the IT department, please send the affected leaders/observers a remind email.

    NOTE: The welcome/reminder email Text/ Titles that are sent from LPI are available here:

    LPI 360 - Leader/ Observer email text

    Leader / Observer Email Text for Student LPI Online (Part 1 of 2)

    LPI Self - Leader Email Text