LPI Online - Editing Leader Name/ Email Address

Version 5



    I am an administrator and would like to edit participant/leader information. How do I do this?




    The Participant/Leader name/ email address that is displayed cannot be edited by the administrator after the assessment has been started, by either the leader or their observer. 


    If a name is not appearing correctly in the Administrator's' account, after that assessment has been started by the Leader. The Administrator should ask the Leader to login, and change it.


    If the Assessment has not been claimed, then the Administrator can change that information by doing the following:


    1. Once you are logged in, please click on Manage assessments.
    2. Click on the folder that the participant/leader is in.
    3. Click on the participant/leader name.
    4. Once you are taken to the assessment Details Page, click on the participant/leader name again to view the edit dialogue.
    5. Click on Edit under the Participant/Leader Heading.
    6. Make the necessary edits, and then click on save.


    If an email address was entered incorrectly, and you are unable to correct it because either the leader, or their observers have started their assessment. Please contact support with the following information in order to have that address updated:


    1. Administrator Username
    2. Incorrect Participant/Leader email
    3. Correct Participant/Leader email