Locating My WileyPLUS Course

Version 3


    I am trying to login to my WileyPLUS course. However, I cannot find the site for it. Is there any way I can locate the site?


    I am an instructor but I don't know or have forgotten the web address (URL) for my class homepage. What can I do?



    Whether you are an instructor or a student, if you have an existing WileyPLUS account and cannot find your course, go to the WileyPLUS landing page at   www.wileyplus.com. After logging in, you will be shown a list of one or more courses for which you have access.


    If you are a student and have not registered, you will need to get the class URL from your instructor. On the login page, click on the "register" link and provide a registration code when prompted to gain access.