Listing Articles in My Dashboard on Wiley Author Services

Version 2



    How do I ensure my articles are listed in My Dashboard on Wiley Author Services?




    Wiley automatically links articles to the correspondence email address that is saved in our system – this is the same email address that was used in the manuscript submission process. When registering for a Wiley Author Services account, we recommend you use this email address to ensure your articles appear in “My Dashboard”.


    If you happen to have registered for Wiley Author Services with a different email address you may not see your articles in “My Dashboard”. To add articles to your dashboard, please see “Assigning a missing article to My Dashboard”.


    To change which email address we send system alerts to, please see “Change my email address for my Wiley Author Services account”.


    Please note that we will automatically assign articles to the corresponding author’s email address during the submission process.