How to Register for your WileyPLUS Class

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    How do I register for my WileyPLUS Class?




    There are a few ways to register for your WileyPLUS class. The first step is to determine whether you are using WileyPLUS inside your school’s LMS (Ex. Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, etc.), or using WileyPLUS standalone (outside of an LMS).


    If you are using WileyPLUS inside an LMS simply access your LMS course and launch any WileyPLUS link, then follow the below instructions beginning with step 3.


    If you are NOT using WileyPLUS inside an LMS please follow steps 1-3 .


    1. Find Course
      1. Go to WileyPLUS Course Finder and enter the six digit course number. If you are unsure of what the six digit course number is, please ask your professor for a student flyer that will give you this information.
    2. Sign In
      1. Once you have found your course, you will be prompted to either login using your email address and password if you already have a WileyPLUS account.
      2. If you need to create a new account, you will be asked to provide your name as well as an email address and password.
    3. Apply Registration Code
      1. There are three options in terms of getting into your WileyPLUS course:
        1. I have a Registration Code: If you have purchased your textbook with a registration code, please enter your registration code and click Continue:
        2. Purchase instant access to WileyPLUS: If you have not bought the textbook, you will have the option to make your purchase online.
        3. 14 day Grace Period: You can choose the Grace Period option where you will be able to use a fully functioning WileyPLUS for 14 days without a payment. Once this 14 day period is over, you will be prompted payment.


    If you do have any questions, you can go to our Tech Support page where you will be able to search for answers or click on the “Live Chat” option to speak online with a specialist.