How do I assign a conditional assignment for students to complete in MasteryPaths?

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    How do I assign a conditional assignment for students to complete in MasteryPaths?





    By default, assignments in WileyPLUS are assigned to Everyone, which means all students will be able to view the item in their Modules page. Once you have added conditional assignments to a MasteryPath, you must differentiate the assignment to MasteryPaths. The Mastery Paths assignment designates the assignment for conditional release only, and the assignment will only display to students whose scores fall in a range that releases the assignment to them.


    To confirm that all conditional content items have been assigned to MasteryPaths correctly, you can use the Test Student to view the students' Modules page by enabling Student View. The only course items that should be visible to the Test Student are items assigned to Everyone. Therefore, if the Test Student can view a conditional item without having completed any coursework, the assignment may not have been edited and assigned to MasteryPaths.



    • MasteryPaths is currently a course opt-in feature. To enable this feature, learn how to manage feature options in the course features lesson.
    • For quick reference, assignment and quiz pages display user assignments. User assignments cannot be viewed from the modules page until the assignment has been assigned to multiple students.
    • Due dates for conditional items are not applied when the item is released to students. To add due dates for conditional items, wait until all students have completed the initial assignment and then add due dates to the conditional items.


    Open Modules


    In Course Navigation, click the Modules link.


    Open MasteryPaths


    Locate the MasteryPaths item and click the Mastery Paths link.


    Edit Assignment


    For each assignment in each range, click the options menu [1] and click the Edit link [2]. The assignment will open in a new browser tab.


    Assign to MasteryPaths


    In the assignment's Assign field, click the Everyoneremove icon [1], then click the text field. Select the MasteryPathsoption [2].


    Save Assignment


    Click the Save button.


    View Section Warning


    WileyPLUS displays a warning message asking you if you want to add additional sections. For MasteryPaths, you can disregard this warning. Click the Continue button.


    View Assignment



    View the MasteryPath assignment.


    The assignment will only display in a student's Modules page if the student's score in the aligned MasteryPath assignment releases the assignment to the student.