Asia: Shipping and Postage Charges

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    How much will it cost to ship my order?




    Our billing and freight costs do not include any duties, taxes, or clearing charges levied by the destination country.

    These charges are the responsibility of the customer and will vary from country to country.



    First item

    Each additional item

    (up to 10)

    BANGLADESHUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    BHUTANUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    BRUNEIUSD 17.00USD 6.99
    CAMBODIAUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    CHINAUSD 22.00USD 7.99
    HONG KONGUSD 17.00USD 6.99
    INDIAUSD 22.00USD 7.99
    INDONESIAUSD 17.00USD 6.99
    JAPANUSD 22.00USD 7.99
    LAOSUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    MACAUUSD 17.00USD 6.99
    MALAYSIAUSD 10.50USD 5.99
    MALDIVESUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    MAURITUSUSD 78.00USD 25.99
    MONGOLIAUSD 78.00USD 25.99
    MYANMARUSD 78.00USD 25.99
    N.KOREAUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    NEPALUSD 78.00USD 25.99
    S.KOREAUSD 22.00USD 7.99
    SAIPANUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    SRI LANKAUSD 55.00USD 18.99
    TAIWANUSD 17.00USD 6.99
    THAILANDUSD 17.00USD 6.99
    VIETNAMUSD 22.00USD 7.99


    The shipping rates above are applicable for up to 10 units only.

    For purchases of above 10 units, please contact customer care for a quote.


    All charges on this page are shown in US Dollar (USD)