Accessing the Solutions Manual

Version 3


    How do instructors access the solutions manual within WileyPLUS?




    To access the solution manual in WileyPLUS, please follow these steps:

    1. Log into WileyPLUS and click on the Prepare & Present tab
    2. In your filter criteria boxes, choose the desired chapter, All Sources, and All Resource Types.
    3. Under the listing of chapters, choose the option to show per page: All
    4. Click the Go button
    5. In the search results, look for a listing for Solutions Manual Ch. xx - PDF or Solutions Manual Ch. xx - Word (where xx is the chapter number)
    6. Click on either of the above Solutions Manual listings to open the file in the associated program on your computer. (You can then save the file to your local computer's drive with the File / Save option within the program in which you are viewing the file.)