Membership Matters: Society and Association Membership Survey 2014 Findings

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    Membership Matters – Lessons from members and non-members

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    Our full survey results are now available to download in our white paper.


    The Membership Survey 2014 was designed to learn more about how research professionals view scholarly societies and associations. Wiley plans to repeat this study annually in order to gather trends in the market and changes in behavior over time.


    The survey gives a comprehensive overview of the scholarly and scientific association market, giving you clear insights that you can use and apply to your organization.


    “We survey our new members, current members and past members, but we don’t survey our “never been members” so that data was very interesting."

    - Diane Cushman, National Council on Family Relations


    With greater knowledge of members’ needs and expectations, societies are better placed to work towards becoming more valued and relevant. And, by knowing more about why people renew, join, or don’t join, societies can grow their membership communities.



    Full survey results

    The report includes:

    • Overview of respondents
    • Most and least valued society activities
    • Strongest reasons for joining
    • Why members renew
    • Why people don’t join societies
    • How engaged are members?
    • How satisfied are members?


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    Society and Association Membership Survey 2014: Findings